Robbie George Vs. James Kalb: Is America A Proposition Or A Home?


While I respect Robert George as one of America’s preeminent Catholic intellectuals, the gentleman nonetheless erred gravely when he envisioned America as a “propositional nation.” 

Of course in this error George and countless other Catholics merely follow the (ostensibly) progressive zeitgeist, which has long since condemned mere historic nations.  Based as they are upon trivialities — i.e., shared experiences, heritage, language, blood, culture, and religion — historic nations are now seen as relics of a petty-minded past.

Just one of the several points from James Kalb’s brief and precise critique of the American Proposition: 

“If particular concrete human connections are irrelevant to whether you’re American or not, and being American means accepting the view of government presented in the second sentence of the Declaration of Independence, and that view is universal in its validity, then does America by rights include the whole world?”

In fact, what the theory of the “propositional nation” has produced is an entirely new type of elite for whom home is no longer a category of the consciousness.  Do we really have any business being all that surprised, then, when the vast majority of these elites prove irreverent and impious?

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