For all the Porchers in the New York City area, Christopher Ferrara and I will be speaking at the Una Voce Symposium, Libertarianism or Distributism: Which Way for Catholics? The event will take place October 14th, at 6:30 pm at the Harvard Club, 35 West 44th Street, New York. More information here.

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John Médaille is a businessman in Irving, Texas, and also an Instructor in Theology at the University of Dallas, where he teaches a unique course on the Social Encyclicals for Business Students. He is the father of five, grandfather of two, and husband of one. He is the author of The Vocation of Business: Social Justice in the Marketplace and is finishing up another book, Equity and Equilibrium: The Political Economy of Distributism. John also blogs at The Distributist Review.


  1. I should think the patriarchs in the paintings lining the walls at the venerable Harvard Club will be looking more askance than usual at the idea that the choice for the evening’s discussion is between Libertarianism or Distributism. I once attended a wedding there between a Gotham Jew and a Dallas Debutante and I swear, the old boys in the paintings were damned put out with the raucous scene of chairs held aloft in the Hora by cowboy hat wearing revelers. Perhaps it was my imagination.

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