Formal Augustinian Revenges

By James Matthew Wilson for FRONT PORCH REPUBLIC

Devon, PA.  A few years ago, Jason Peters swore Learical revenges on me for reprinting a poem of mine on the debauchery of Michigan State students.  He could not understand how I could find subject for drollery in a student body that sets couches on fire in the streets and tips over police cars only on those occasions when the basketball team wins — or loses — or when Dean Wurmzer attempts to ban beer from tailgating on campus.  Possessed of a piercing satirical syringe, the good Dr. Peters has also barbed my Augustinian attitudes and the formalistic furnishings of my verse.  Despite his efforts, I have been thwarted in neither; to prove as much, I invite FPR readers to visit David Landrum’s on-line poetry journal, Lucid Rhythms, to view a pair of my poems that take for subject an unreformed Augustinian and a cooly disciplined metrician.  You can read both poems here.

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