For those readers who might be interested, I’ve recently published my first collection of poems, Distant Lands and Near, available here.  Also, those who are aficionados of traditional poetry might be interested in two upcoming events I will be participating in, as part of a group called the Atlantic Poetry Guild.  On October 13th, we will be reading selections from the Victorian poets at the Ryerss Museum in Philadelphia, and on October 18th we will be reading selections from the Romantic poets at the Morven Museum in Princeton.  For more information, check here:

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Mark Anthony Signorelli is an essayist, playwright, and poet, who is committed to reviving the old ways of writing essays, plays, and poems.  He has spent a very large portion of his life producing work in such highly unfashionable genres as the traditional "fourteener" ballad and blank-verse tragedy (which may, in part, explain why you have never heard of him).  He currently serves as a Contributing Editor for the New English Review, a web journal, where he has written on the poverty and absurdity of contemporary philosophical materialism and on the need to return to the broad tradition of humanist, literary learning.  He lived for five years in the seaside town of Ocean Grove, NJ, one of the most charming and distinctive locales on the east coast, where he frequently sat on his very non-figurative front porch, and conversed with his neighbors sitting on their adjacent and equally non-figurative front porch (this is probably his only real qualification to write for FPR).  He now resides elsewhere in central Jersey with his wife - like Penelope, a woman of great arete. Visit Mark's website to see more of his writings!