Don’t It Make You Wanna Go Home Now?

by Bill Kauffman on September 6, 2012 · 1 comment <span>Print this article</span> Print this article

in Short

Joe South, RIP: “God, how I wanna go home….”

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avatar Emmett September 20, 2012 at 8:34 pm

thanks for that, Bill. A true Front Porch song. Hadn’t heard it in a long while and had not listened to the lyrics closely before. Since I have kids that are the age that I was when I first heard this song, I can’t hear a song as earnest as this and not feel bad for my children that they don’t have music of their own, that’s not irony-laden.

For me, when you talk about Joe South, it’s all about Games People Play however. First heard that song on KXOK AM630 in St. Louis. If I remember correctly it jumped by 10 every week on the KXOK Hit Survey. 40-30-20-10 … “It’s Number OOOONE!” (synthesized computer voice) … I just remember as a kid going ape when that intro came on. That lead guitar and bass sounded so *wild* through an AM radio. Then the humming began … a slow, great intro

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