FPR readers and enthusiasts are invited to attend the coming Ciceronian Society Conference at Mount Saint Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, Maryland this coming Friday, March 1st  through  Saturday, March 2nd. FPR’s John Medaille and many other talented scholars such as Paige Hochschild, Thomas Storck, Thaddeus Kozinski, Macon Boczek, Christopher Anadale, Amanda Beal, Clark Carlton, Richard Hyde, Tracy Munsil, Owen Phelan, William Batchelder, Joseph Devaney, Coyle Neal, Kevin Offner, James Condra, Joshua Bowman, Benjamin Clark, and Peter Haworth will present papers related to Ciceronian Society core-themes: Tradition, Place, and ‘Things Divine.’ MSM Dean, Dr. Joshua Hochschild, will be presenting a special lecture during the opening-dinner on Thursday, February 28th. Free Friday and Saturday panels include “Economics, Virtue, Justice, and Tradition,” “Political Theoretical Considerations on the Environment and Place,” “Human Scale, Tradition, and ‘Things Divine’,” and “Various Themes in American Political Thought.” Other panels address themes in Medieval thought and history, a critical evaluation of James Madison’s political thought, and various topics in theology. Conference times will span from approximately 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on March 1st and 2nd. Attendance (without meals) is free of charge. Seating will be limited to the occupancy restrictions of O’Hara Dining Room at Mount Saint Mary’s University. You can obtain more information via the above link and/or emailing info@theciceroniansociety.com.

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My name is Peter Haworth, and I am an independent scholar living in Phoenix, Arizona. I received my Ph.D. in Government from Georgetown University in 2008, and I am currently working on various writing projects in American Political Thought. My interests include American Political Development, Traditionalist Thought, Constitutional Law, Southern Americana, Virtue Ethics, Natural Law, Political Theology, and many other topics within the history of political theory. With me in Phoenix is my darling wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Puckett Haworth of Columbus, Mississippi and our son, Peter Randolph Augustine Haworth. My hobbies include voracious reading, minimal gun collecting, and dreaming about our future farm that might be located somewhere in beautiful Mississippi.