The Dumb-Ass Bar Jester: He Got Him a Plan

E.E. Lawson July 2, 2013

Who could resist—especially at that price?

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Slouching Toward Methlehem

methhouse June 11, 2013

Luck’s got nothing to do with it.

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The Night of Susurrant Voices

Dandelion-Wine-e1327969287597 May 29, 2013

God didn’t put twelve months on the calendar so we could work them all.

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The Limits of Place

root man May 28, 2013

Hidden Springs, VA…. Recently Ross Douthat commented on Rod Dreher’s new book in a column devoted to the rising incidence of suicide and the problem of loneliness. In a follow-up blog entry, Ross continued his reflections on Rod’s book

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The Barn Jester Steps In It

cow pies April 9, 2013

Those who think “nostalgia” is a bad word marking a bad sentiment can pucker my yonder socket.

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March Madness and the Chief of Hypocrites

magicjohnson_display_image March 26, 2013

Never was a truer word spoken–not since “hell is other people.”

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History is Bunk

Fur_traders_in_canada_1777 March 19, 2013

Serious bunkitude, dude.

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Where Will You Die?

stone January 6, 2013

Hidden Spring Lane. “I plan on dying here.” The words came quite unbidden and surprised me. We were in the process of building a house on a few acres in northern Virginia. The builder and I were discussing some detail…

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Bar Jester Chronicles XVIII: A Proper New Year’s Eve

bonfire January 1, 2013

I’ll return when, looking from the woods, I see total fenestrated darkness.

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Memory and the Damming State

shoreline November 12, 2012

The family’s life in this village had come to an end when the lake was dammed in 1958. One wonders who would consider such things worth it.

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Or Die

blackhole_diagram September 4, 2012

Thank God—sorry: thank progress, rather—for that million-year window!

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As If The Story of a House Were Told

imagesCAVY7YRS August 28, 2012

… or ever could be.

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Not In My Back Yard (But Pass Me the Good Life, Please)

untitled August 8, 2012

No wonder the cries are muted.

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Going to Hell with Huck

LowWaterNew-Inet August 1, 2012

This life is no trick, no accident.

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Towards An Appropriate View of the Declaration of Independence

July 4, 2012

In the spirit of Independence Day, Porch readers will enjoy an insightful and accessible article by Lee Cheek and Sean Busick on the true significance of the Declaration of Independence. Much ink has been spilt in the task of persuading…

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The Lamb Shank Redemption

194465 June 27, 2012

Behold! A lamb of God, which taketh away the hunger of the day.

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