I must apologize to all our readers and my fellow contributors here for the intrusion of my cousin Cassie Pigeon in a recent post under my byline.

I had my extended family to a picnic on the Fourth, and my reward was Cousin Cassie somehow stole my passwords to this site and froze my computer.  She is not terribly computer literate herself, but her son Lucius (also my guest) is good enough to have been expelled from UK for hacking a few years ago, and to work now as an internet security consultant.  No doubt he made some time between the burgers and the watermelon to assist his mother.

As I had already told Mark Mitchell that I’d be taking the week off, I didn’t rush to get my computer fixed and was blissfully offline all week.  (The thing still doesn’t work. I’m sending this from the library.)  I only became aware that Cassie had intruded when Bill Kauffman called to ask me where Rome, Kentucky, was.

Cassie has informed us that Lucius will crash the site weekly for the rest of the summer if we take down her post, so in order not to inconvenience my kind colleagues here, who have worked so hard, I have asked our webmaster simply to let her ridiculousness stand.  All I can say is I hope you won’t read it, for heaven’s sake don’t send her any money, and again, I apologize for her intrusion.

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Katherine Dalton
Katherine Dalton has worked as a magazine editor, freelance feature writer and book editor.  She started in journalism in college, working at The Yale Literary Magazine during most of its controversial few years as a national magazine of opinion based at Yale.  She then worked briefly at Harper's magazine in New York, and more extensively at Chronicles magazine in Illinois, where she was a contributing editor for many years.  She has has written for various publications ranging from the Wall Street Journal to the University Bookman, and was a contributor to Wendell Berry: Life and Work and Localism in the Mass Age: A Front Porch Republic Manifesto.  She lives in her native Kentucky.


  1. Please tell me this is a joke. 🙁

    I say take it down. More than likely, Lucius only has your own password, and can’t do much to the actual site. I’m sure your host (Bulldog) is capable of properly updating and hardening their servers. Likewise, they should be maintaining regular backups on a remote source in such a way that a hacker would have difficulty finding it. (If they’re not, why not?!) Change your password and don’t let your browser automatically save and enter it for you, have your computer scanned for keyloggers or other bad stuff, and you should be fine. Oh, and don’t let your relatives use your computer any more.

    Again, finding out this was all a big joke would really make my day.

  2. When I read “My Own Little Corner of the Right”, my humor detector was tingling, but the signal wasn’t strong enough. I’ll visit the Bureau today to have it Adjusted.

  3. Lord Have Mercy!!!!
    Ms. Dalton, what have you done? You’ve given away FPR’s secret!
    Lordy, Lordy!

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