Gretel Kauffman, 15, who is gonna be ten times the writer her old man ever was, reports from the magnificent Porter Farms on thebatavian.com: http://www.thebatavian.com/tags/porter-farms.


  1. Great article! These days, the high point of my week is on Wednesdays, when I ride my bike over to the farmer’s market to pick up our CSA share. I see friends, familiar faces and an increasing number of eager new shoppers every time I go and am heartened to see the interest in eating local grow!

    (happy day-after-Tommy’s-birthday!)

  2. Congrats to you on the scribbling progeny Mr. Kauffman. 15 and she has local journalism down pat!

    Seems to me I recall “CSA” standing for something else…but I cant remembuh just now.

    I have the luxury of several local farms here in the northwest hills of Ct.. One raises grass fed Angus and sells its goods at arcane hours out of a stone windmill, another is Waldingfield Farms in Washington which sells vegetables out of the “show up and grab” method or a CSA and in particular, for raw milk , eggs and other assorted things I enjoy a stop at a Stonewall Farm in Cornwall, with a stunning valley view up the storied Housatonic where flyfishing has gone bust this year due to high water. What I really enjoy about the livestock farms is one will enter the sales area with the air redolent of manure,hay skittering about, flys buzzing around and happily purchase the goods in an atmosphere that would make me turn an about face and run from in our gleaming “markets”. Shopping for real food, aside from the communal conversation…is pungent….as food should be.

    An attagirl to scribe Gretel…….

  3. Mr. Kauffman, let me congratulate you on the accomplishments of your fine daughter, and let me also thank you for the work you do. I’ve recently read America First, Look Homeward America and Ain’t My America and have been profoundly effected by them. What a refreshing, uplifting, and elucidating body of work you’ve produced.

    Thank you so very much, and please – write more often, dammit!


    S.L. Toddard

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