Tanning Bed
Claremont, CA. This is just too good.

Driving near Universal City last weekend, I saw a sign for what is possibly the most mind-blowing business concept I have ever encountered in my entire life: a solar-powered tanning salon.

If you don’t believe me – and I’m not sure I would believe me, if I hadn’t seen it myself – you can visit the Sunlounge Studio website. Their motto? “Where the sun comes to relax.”

I’m sure this says something about southern California, since one of the things to keep in mind here is that it is always sunny outside in southern California, where aforementioned solar-powered tanning salon is located.

But I’m also pretty sure this says a lot more about the schizophrenia of today’s “green” movement.

I’ll leave that kind of speculation to you, though, while I go into the backyard to get some sun.

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  1. I know someone who owned a string of tanning salons here in Texas; they were quite profitable, which I found amazing. I mean, there is the old joke about the salesman who could sell ice to Eskimos, but selling sun to Texans?

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