““It is the single largest threat to production agriculture that we have ever seen,” said Andrew Wargo III, the president of the Arkansas Association of Conservation Districts.”

Farmers Cope With Roundup-Resistant Weeds.

H/T to Grace Potts.

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  1. Bet these weeds aren’t resistant to being pulled. But pulling hands do not profit Monsanto.

  2. There is an invasive species (plants which generally follow the happy war train of man) hereabouts called Garlic Mustard. In bloom now and spreading like kudzu. Apparently, it makes for a fine base in Pesto. Too bad the area aint so packed with Itralins as it used to be. Oh, there’s Itralian-Americans, able factotums of the consumer bonanza but like all the rest of the denatured citizenry, they would be loathe to weed and make pesto when it is packaged so nicely at Trader Joes.

    Such are the wages of External Costs. We concoct all manner of herbicides to save money now for the Shock and Awe form of Agriculture , heedless of their longer impacts and are always shocked….shocked I tell ya…when the bigger bill comes due later.

  3. Very well said D.W. Sabin. I too have been deprived the training in how to make this pesto you speak of. I if given the directions. Weeds get a bad rap through pop culture. Not fair.

    Well said too Amy… “pulling hands” were among the first cost cutting maneuvers in agri-business. Seriously… ALL employees are a corporate cost that are in the cue for elimination. Eventually, who will buy? Unfettered, displaced workers can only buy cheap subsidized corn products with food stamps….

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