Dear friends of FPR,

Please join us at the inaugural Front Porch Republic conference on Saturday, September 24, at Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Co-sponsored by the Mount and the Tocqueville Forum on the Roots of American Democracy at Georgetown University, the theme of the conference is “Human Scale and the Human Good: Creating Healthy Communities in a Global Age.”

Bill Kauffman, Rod Dreher, Christine Rosen, Patrick Deneen, Caleb Stegall, John Schwenkler, Joshua Hochschild, and other FPR types will be among the speakers. It will be interesting and informative, theoretical and practical. It might change your life. Also, it will be a lot of fun. (We’ll post a full schedule here shortly.)

Registration at the door will be $25. That will include a little bit of breakfast (coffee, tea, some pastries) and your lunch. Students can get in for just $15.

You can also pre-register for just $20 — and, by the way, help us a lot with our planning. Just hit the donate button on the upper-right-hand corner of this website, and make a $20 donation. Just before you submit your donation, you’ll see that there is an opportunity to include “special directions to the seller.” Click on that, and type in “conference registration” (or something like that). You’ll get a receipt, and we’ll sign you up for the proceedings.

For hotels, you might try the Sleep Inn in Emmitsburg, the Super 8 in Thurmont (301.271.7888) or the Wyndham in Gettysburg (171.339.0020), among others.

Now — some special opportunities. If you donate $100 or more between now and September 1, we’ll invite you to a special dinner on Saturday night with some of the speakers and FPR editors. We’ll also recognize you for your generosity on the conference materials.

Or perhaps you’d like to sponsor a student; to do that, simply make a gift of $25 and type in “student sponsorship” in the special instructions. We’ll let in a deserving student for free, and we’ll use your support to offset the costs.

Finally, we want to acknowledge the special support being provided for this conference by the Van Horn Foundation. All of us at Front Porch Republic are grateful for the foundation’s generosity.

If you have any questions — or if you would like to make a special gift in support of this conference or any other aspect of FPR’s work — please write me at beerjeremy [at]

Thanks, and hope to see you in September.

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  1. It promises to be a great time. I hope readers will consider supporting the cause.

    And, if the freakish weather accompanying global warming results in a September snowstorm, I might be able to show off some of my prowess on the moguls. Thanks for linking to my secret life, Beer.

  2. Skiing? Heh. Here’s hopin’ my schedule allows.

    FYI all, and especially Bill Kauffman, over at Postmodern Conservative, I’ve been developing a series of posts on popular music, called Carl’s Rock Songbook, which I hope y’all will check out. The latest installment features a six-months-late response of sorts to Kaufmann’s old Fighting Bobs

    I certainly invite Kaufmann’s response, which we can probably publish as a guest-post if he doesn’t want to limit himself to the comment section, even if it’s as much about Dylan as him.

    But as the piece critiques of the general FPR use of the term “empire,” I extend to the rest of y’all a gentlemanly challenge to RUMBLE.

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