Say what you will about Ron Paul, Fox News’ failure to say anything about the candidate is curious and gives Jon Stewart a big target.

Thanks to John Fea.

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Darryl Hart
D. G. Hart is a visiting professor of history at Hillsdale College. After completing his Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins University, he taught at Wheaton College and Westminster Seminary before directing academic programs at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. He is the author of several books, including A Secular Faith: Why Christianity Favors the Separation of Church and State (Ivan R. Dee); The University Gets Religion: Religious Studies and American Higher Education (Johns Hopkins University Press); and From Billy Graham to Sarah Palin: Evangelical Protestants and American Conservatism (Eerdmans).


  1. Speaking of fair and balanced, let’s at least note that it wasn’t just Fox that was dismissive of Mr. Paul, CNN and MSNBC got just as much play in that hilarious piece. I’m not a fan of any of them, and this is only a small part of why.

  2. Andrew,

    I hear you. I’ll add that I’m not a fan of the Republican primary field either, including Ron Paul, though the way he’s been repressed by everyone in the media is somewhat disturbing. Stewart isn’t one of my favorites, but he was right on in this clip.

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