Mary Berry (Wendell’s daughter, and an occasional contributor here) has founded The Berry Center to continue her family’s work to buttress the economic well-being of small farmers, and the organization has pushed forward with its programs very quickly.

You can read about the Berry Farming Program at St. Catharine College here, in an article by its coordinator, Prof. Leah Bayens. Mary has a piece here about the importance of the now-defunct Burley Program her grandfather, John M. Berry Sr., had so much to do with. Her hope (which many of us share) is to use it as a pattern for future farm programs that would also serve as economic breakwaters for the boom-and-bust cycle so typical of agricultural prices.

Finally, Louisville’s Farm to Table coordinator Sarah Fritschner writes an occasional blog post on food issues that come to mind as she goes about her work finding and creating markets for Kentucky agricultural products in the greater Louisville region. Here’s a recent post on cheap chicken.







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