Localist Roundup: Localism vs. Climate Change


In political news, Congress continues its attempt to restrict NSA bulk data collection. At the same time, this article describes Facebook’s hopes to use phone microphones for data collection of its own.

Meanwhile, the USDA continues to push local food.

According to this piece, researchers in Australia have identified localism as a strong factor in advocating a response to climate change.

Finally, this article indicates that many find work less stressful than they do life with their families.


  1. As usual, you’re being a wonderfully loyal Useful Idiot for the centralizers. The “global warming” fraud was specifically designed to maximize central power, and it has more recently become a tool to maximize profits for big reinsurers and hedge funds.

    Localism CANNOT coexist with JPMorgan and Munich Re. Precise opposites.

    If you truly want localism, you need to free your mind from fashionable scams and criminal syndicates. You won’t do that, of course, because you don’t truly want localism. You only want to agree with Kim Kardashian. You only want to be COOL.

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