In The American Conservative, Ralph Nader, paladin of the American anti-monopolist tradition, revives the great distributist-agrarian project of the 1930s.

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  1. “Who Owns America?”

    Simple: Ashkenazis make up around 2 -3 % of US population but control anywhere from 30 – 65% (depending who you read) of capital of the USA.

    Of course, to say this is very politically incorrect, but we shouldn’t shy away from the truth.

  2. Why on Earth doesn’t this site have an RSS feed? It’s not like you need the hits for advertising because there is none. Please add a feed. I’m a newcomer here but I like what I see.

  3. Great! I thought I was tech savvy but obviously not enough. I do recommend making links to the feed more prevalent. Thanks.

  4. Mr. Nader because of the name which he has made for himself and because of his access to the media may be said to have revived “Who Owns America;” but there are others, individuals and associations such as the Abbeville Institute, who have be writing and dialoging about the book, the authors and the content, for quite some time. Of course, “Who Owns America” is the sequel to “I’ll Take My Stand,” with some of the same writers contributing to both. The prequel to “I’ll Take My Stand,” is a collection of thinkers and authors going back to through the last half of the 19th century down to the late 1840’s, including Robert Dabney, Benjamin Palmer, John Girardeau, and William Gilmore Simms. In the introduction to “I’ll Take My Stand,” it is asserted that Bolshevism will not come to America through the communists but through corporate managers. Allen Tate, one of the Southern Agrarians, writes in “Who Owns America” that the corporation is the stalking horse for Marxism or statism because while the share or stock holders are technically the legal owners the effective owners are the board and the senior management, analogous to a democratic or socialist state in which the citizens are the legal owners but the effective owners are the stock jobbers, ideologues, Briefadel and bureaucrats who animate the ultimate abstract corporation which is the Hobbesian state. Marx correctly said that Hobbes is the father of us all.

  5. One should remember that corporations are not really private. They are creatures of the state which is itself an abstract corporation. Churches as 501C3’s are creatures of the state rather than as they should be the Corpus Christi. If I correctly recall, FPR had an article on the chief author of the 14th amendment and his assistance on the use of “person” rather than “citizen.” Also, if I correctly recall most of the first court cases referencing the 14th amendment were for the benefit of corporations.

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