Why Evelyn Waugh stopped voting

Parochial plug for the best state, from Nathaniel Beverley Tucker:

The Virginian is a Virginian every where. In the wilds of the west, on the sands of Florida, on the shores of the Pacific—every where his heart turns to Virginia—every where he worships with his face toward the temple of freedom erected here.

The Church and the Magna Carta

Zizek and Me“:

What marks the turning, the break into another kind of time, is that the earth is not marked by human intention but by unintended effects of collective human labor. The Anthropocene is the figure for a series of metabolic rifts destabilizing the world – of which climate change is just one – as unconscious and unintended effects, a kind of latent destiny.

Call it the Capitalocene if you want, as it is indeed the case that metabolic rift is vastly accelerated when capitalism emerges.

Damian Thompson’s cover story on the death of English Christianity

Bishop Nazir-Ali on Anglican decline

Rachel Dolezal heightens the contradictions of progressive identity politics. (Dave Liakos here on why the Federalist’s question isn’t a stupid one, Matt Bruenig wonders too.)

Samizdat classical education

The military is increasingly its own culture and its own world

Policing in a private city (or, Jeffrey Tucker discovers outdoor malls, is enraptured)

Longread on U.S. vs. China

What on earth is going on in Kansas?

ClarkHat on l’affaire Strangeloop

Cardinal Sarah on facing East

When did healthy communities become illegal?

Newsweek on the Timothy McVeigh-tea party link

The Iraq war never ended

First Things interviews the Gaffigans

Iosue with the songs for the week

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