Adam Gurri on persuasion and economics

Henry George vs. Jane Jacobs

The Upper East Side housewife: a pop-anthropological study

With friends like these, the humanities don’t need enemies:

Enrollment in the liberal arts and humanities continues to sink, particularly in languages and literature. At Harvard, for example, almost 60 percent of the students who start in the humanities switch disciplines by the end of their second year.

Mapping the Future,” a 2013 report by Harvard’s spooked humanities division, admits that there may be “a kernel of truth in conservative fears about the left-leaning academy” but goes on to conclude that “one of the major contributions of the Humanities over the past thirty years has been…revealing the extent to which culture serves power, the way domination and imperialism underwrite cultural production, and the ways the products of culture rehearse and even produce injustice.”

Do tell. Come for the great novels, stay for the leftist ideology. Except students are not staying, and what amazes me is how the humanities professoriate fails to recognize its own culpability.

Not sure how I feel about this by Russell Moore:

We don’t have Mayberry anymore, if we ever did. Good. Mayberry leads to hell just as surely as Gomorrah does. But Christianity didn’t come from Mayberry in the first place, but from a Roman Empire hostile to the core to the idea of a crucified and resurrected Messiah. We’ve been on the wrong side of history since Rome, and it was enough to turn the world upside down.

Bernie Sanders, pro and con

AP on the FBI’s unmarked surveillance aircraft

The DOJ spends half a million dollars monitoring “far right” social media

Twitter’s new ban policy and corporate speech codes v. open ones

WSJ on the dangerous populism in both parties

Boston Review on the rise of populism in Norway

Crux covers the Sacra Liturgia conference pretty much the way you’d expect they would.

The Josias republishes Henri Grenier on the lawfulness of private property

The Josias continues the conversation on the legitimacy of governments

Russia’s army of online trolls

Pater Edmund Waldstein reviews Soumission

Georgism as a reduction of parasitism

Vox: Local news is making you racist

Without a hint of irony, they also published this interview about why a hyper-PC culture makes professors terrified

$42,675,466: the amount of money the Episcopal Church has spent or is committed to spend suing other Christians. Ambush interviews are a common thing nowadays and it occurs to me that nobody has tried asking the twice-divorced gay bishop of the Center for American Progress Gene Robinson about whether getting to have sex with whoever he wants was worth the cost in money or acrimony among the faithful. He’s got a residency at a church in Dupont Circle, may have to pay him a visit.

Bill Murchison on Christopher Lasch

Saw Holly Herndon in DC last week, here’s a great interview with her.

The Russian Orthodox Church breaks off ecumenical dialogue with the Church of Scotland

David Frum says some David Frum-ish things about World War I

CCM is dying (good riddance)

Took last weekend’s round-up off because I was in New Orleans, here are some pictures of that trip. Spent Saturday night on fellow porcher Ken Bickford’s front porch, and hung out with Mike Church and his lovely family. Also from the other blog, a political media chart, the beauty of small churches, and magicians of the outer right.

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