Bringing Farming Back to Nature.” Daniel Moss and Mark Bittman report on the encouraging growth of agroecology. (Recommended by Tom Bilbro.)

The Oak Tree Almanac.” This is a new podcast I’m involved with, and our second interview came out this week. It’s a conversation with Porcher Eric Miller about localism, the social fabric, and Christopher Lasch. We interviewed Willie Jennings for our first episode, and our conversation with Bill Cavanaugh should be out soon.

Money-Free Medicine.” Monika Mommsen and Milton Zimmerman, two Bruderhof members who practice medicine, discuss what it’s like to serve their community. (Recommended by Mark Mitchell.)

To Survive Our High-Speed Society, Cultivate ‘Temporal Bandwidth’.” Alan Jacobs challenges us to slow down and reject the tyranny of the Now.

Manual Manhood.” Porcher C. R. Wiley describes his introduction to “a world of functional manhood” and ponders the deep links between family life and manual labor. (Recommended by Mark Mitchell.)

American Wasteland.” Matthew Walther has an excellent column on our need to slow down and stop throwing so much away: “What we really need is a revolution, or rather a restoration, of our habits, a revival of a way of life that has almost completely vanished. We need a return to permanence.”

Barack Obama read Why Liberalism Failed. You should too.