Eric Miller, biographer of Christopher Lasch and a professor at Geneva College, plus longtime porcher Jason Peters of Hillsdale College address the role of imagination in shaping our shared reality.  Matt Stewart, an associate editor of the FPR website, introduces this duo that has impacted his life in important ways.


1:00       Matt Stewart, teacher’s pet/pest and herb connoisseur

Eric Miller:  “The Instructed Imagination” 

6:00       Hannah Coulter v. Mark Heard

13:30    Collegiate conscience and imagination

16:00    Augustine’s commonweal

20:00    O’Connor’s name calling

23:00    Walker and Wendell looking for hope

Jason Peters:  “Imagination: Not Whimsical but Fatal”

27:45    Last year’s speech and this year’s joke

29:30    The propositions begin

35:00    Stoves and stand-up

38:00    Rainbows on the run

43:00    Unified Kauffman and computerized thinking

50:00    Fatalities and old farts  


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