Wendell Berry Conference Videos


Video recordings from our 2019 conference on the legacy of Wendell Berry are now online. We hope those of you who weren’t able to join us in the flesh will benefit from these, and do plan to be attend the 2020 gathering (stay tuned for details)! In the meantime, subscribe to Local Culture–we still have a few copies of the Wendell Berry issue to send to new subscribers.


  • Jake Meader on “Community in an Orphaned World”
  • Eric Miller on “Creating a Current: Wendell Berry and the Fellowship of the Word”
  • Jeff Bilbro on “Convocation: Burley Coulter and the Membership”

Farms and Households

  • Susannah Black on “Front Porch and Empire: Political Authority and the Blessings, and Limits, of Limits”
  • Gracy Olmstead on “‘It Takes a Village’: Why the Nuclear Family is Insufficient or Agricultural Sustainability”
  • Jason Peters on “‘Who Started the Fight?’: The Farm and the Language of Particularity”

Wendell and Mary Berry in Conversation, moderated by Kate Dalton Boyer

Empire and Law

  • Caleb Stegall on “Obedience to the Unenforceable: Is Port William Lawless?”
  • Bill Kauffman on “‘Where Have they Gone?’: Wendell Berry on War and Peace”


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