Bill Kauffman, author of multiple books including Poetry Night at the Ballpark and long the closing speaker at FPR conferences, talks about the origins of Front Porch Republic and his unique life of letters.   

Host:     John Murdock

Guest:  Bill Kauffman


1:30       Defending the homeland

2:30       The Closer

7:45       Muckdog memories

12:15    Perfectly sized

15:00    First Man and Senate staffer

18:00    Morning drinks and Mormon journeys

22:15    Life on the fringe

24:00    Not a murderer

26:15    Jimmie Foxx found dead

29:30    Paying the bills

31:30    A Barber in the House

34:30    Bucket listless

36:00    See you in Madison, but I digress


Bill’s work at FPR, TAC, and The Spectator

Poetry Night at the Ballpark

The Congressional Journal of Barber B. Conable

Liberty Fund

Wendell Kimbrough helps us find our way home

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