Bill Kauffman

Bill Kauffman
Bill Kauffman, a founding editor of Front Porch Republic, is the author of eleven books, among them Dispatches from the Muckdog Gazette (Holt), Ain’t My America (Metropolitan), and Poetry Night at the Ballpark (FPR Books).

Recent Essays

It Started with a Dis…

The Empire did not fall the day Front Porch Republic rose. But in 15 years FPR has done much more than simply add weight to the human scale. It has revivified the most humane and practical traditions in American social, cultural, economic, and political life and thought.

Bruce Langhorne, RIP

Bruce Langhorne, best known as the inspiration for Bob Dylan's "Mr. Tambourine Man" but best loved (by me, anyway) for his extraordinary score for...

The Elector Defector

BURNED-OVER DISTRICT, NY -- As rumors of rogue electors spike the December air, I offer this piece from 2001, which is included in my...

So Long, Leonard Cohen

One of the pleasures of living near the Canadian border is Canuck radio, which due to local content regulations (the good protectionism) plays a...

Deliver us from Nowhere

The perils of placeless populism, from The American Conservative.

Back There Where the Past Was

From The American Conservative, memories of the Crooked Lake Review gang.


Minnesota's second literary Nobelist is the subject of The Political World of Bob Dylan: Freedom and Justice, Power and Sin, a perceptive book by...

Twenty Years Now, Where’d They Go?

The Future of Freedom Foundation has reprinted "The Empire versus Little America," my speech from what was, in a parallel universe, the epochal 2010...

Pass the Biscuits

From Reason, Jesse Walker, ace archivist/alchemist of Americana, on the toothless but entertaining populist Texan Pappy O'Daniel.

Back to Ohio

From the New Oxford Review, Part Two of Will Hoyt's survey of eastern Ohio...featuring a triple play of Traci Lords, Clement Vallandigham, and H.H....

If I Were a Carpenter/And You Lived in Cadiz….

From the New Oxford Review, Will Hoyt on his move from Berkeley to eastern Ohio.

The Answer, My Friend

From The American Conservative, my thoughts on FPR contributor Jeff Taylor's new book on Bob Dylan.