Paul Kingsnorth, the keynote speaker at the 2023 FPR conference in Madison, Wisconsin, begins things with a bonus talk on the power of prayer in a desecrated western world.   


1:15 Mark Mitchell’s welcome 

4:00 Paul flies in 

5:30 A long list of labels 

7:30 Roots and power 

8:15 My neighbor Vinny (and his dying cousins) 

12:30 Centering work 

14:00 Citizen culture 

19:00 Two trinities 

23:00 Our like will not be here again 

24:30 Candles to blow 

37:30 The still point in the turning world 

30:00 An Orthodox Texan’s sermon 

32:45 Closing hymn  


Paul’s Substack and an interview at FPR 

“The Cross and the Machine” 

Conference videos 

Wendell Kimbrough helps us find our way home 

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