Jeremy Johnston

Jeremy Johnston
Jeremy W. Johnston is the author of All Things New: Essays on Christianity, culture & the arts (Joshua Press, 2018) and Undiminished Returns: Poems of a Christian Life (H&E, 2020). He is an adjunct professor and teacher of literature, rhetoric, classical studies, and history at several institutions, including Heritage College & Seminary in Cambridge, ON and Mohawk College in Hamilton, ON. He holds a Master’s degree in Education and an Honors degree in English Literature and Humanities from the University of Western Ontario. He is also the arts columnist for Barnabas magazine, which is published by the Sovereign Grace Fellowship of Canada. He has been involved in Christian Education - teaching, preaching and speaking - at local churches and Christian venues for many years. Jeremy and his wife, Laurie, have also homeschooled their four children for over 20 years. They live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Recent Essays

Who is Tom Bombadil? In Search of the “One-Answer-To-Rule-Them-All”

Wiley, throughout his book, handles the paradoxes and tensions of Tolkien’s text not as inconsistencies to be brushed aside, but rather as brushstrokes of a master artist at work. For such a meticulous and calculated author, an author who spent decades crafting his mythology, why would Tolkien permit such a cloud of mystery to surround this unforgettable and prominent character?