James Gallant

James Gallant
James Gallant, a native Ohioan, won the 2019 Schaffner Press Prize for music-in-literature with his short story collection, La Leona, and Other Guitar Stories. Another book, Verisimilitudes: essays and approximations, published by Fortnightly Review (UK) in 2018, is a gathering of his essays and short fiction. He has been an online columnist for the Review since 2015, (http://fortnightlyreview.co.uk/category/verisimilitudes/).

Recent Essays

Organized Leisure and the Construction of American Community 

Was the experience of “community” in an Ohio town during Ervin’s lifetime fundamentally more compelling and authentic than has been possible after the post-war economic boom? Or should Ervin’s passion for organizing and social service be seen as an attempt to compensate for an actual fragility of communal life?