Joshua P. Hochschild

Joshua P. Hochschild
Joshua P. Hochschild is Professor of Philosophy at Mount St. Mary’s University, where he formerly served as the inaugural Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. His teaching includes metaphysics, ethics, and the history of philosophy for undergraduates and seminarians. In addition to scholarly publications in medieval philosophy and the history of ethics and social thought, his essays, reviews, and commentary have appeared in First Things, The Wall Street Journal, Commonweal, and Modern Age. Josh is the author (with Christopher O. Blum) of a practical guide to spiritual discipline, A Mind at Peace: Reclaiming an Ordered Soul in the Age of Distraction, and he lives in Emmitsburg, Maryland with his wife and their four children.

Recent Essays

An American Augustine

The various parts—historical and autobiographical, theological and literary—all contribute to the central thread: that we seek wholeness, and that wholeness depends on better understanding ourselves and our damaged, but not lost, chances for community.

Poor Little Lamb

Colin Phelps is not the first to discover a graced thing in college: it’s the unchosen self-knowledge that is most liberating.

Optionality and the Intellectual Life: In Gratitude for the Real World Risk Institute

Something about Taleb’s emphasis on practical wisdom unleashes in his readers a sense of humility, a renewed trust in reason, and a spiritual hunger courageous enough to move beyond the cynicism and skepticism typically bred in schools.