Keturah Lamb

Keturah Lamb
Keturah Lamb lives the old-fashioned American Dream. She is the oldest of twelve siblings, put on her own homeschooled graduation, then ran a cleaning business between months of travel. She has spent half a year in Germany and carcamped for months on end across the states, but is most happy at home working on a quilt that’s nearing completion after five years of hand stitching… the last touch is attaching hand tatted lace. She writes at the Social Porcupine and has turned her home into The Living Room Academy, a school where young women learn to sew and clean while making time for afternoon walks and reading literature.

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An Extraordinary School for Girls: Learning the Things You Wish Grandma Taught You

It is daunting to envision running a pleasant, blessed household. This is why we're not meant to do it alone. Women are meant to flock together, with their words and their hands, to keep one another safe and to make the world more joyful.