Mark Clavier

Mark Clavier
Mark Clavier is an American living in the U.K. where he serves as Residentiary Canon of Brecon Cathedral and Director of Convivium: an initiative to connect faith with local environments, heritage, and communities. The author of four books, Mark is currently working on a book about his Afro-Caribbean slave-owning heritage.

Recent Essays

Augustine the Agrarian

The world is God’s farm, his flourishing garden. We find ourselves as his workers in his fields, called to cultivate the land and the souls, minds, and bodies of ourselves and our neighbors—in this way all can be “fruitful and multiply.”

Baldwin, Buckley, and Berry on Racism and the World Order

Drawing from both Baldwin and Berry allows us to see that the racist and imperial policies of the past continue to do immense social, economic, cultural, and ecological damage around the globe. Racial injustice is among other things an ecological issue.