Pepijn Leonard Demortier

Pepijn Leonard Demortier
Pepijn Demortier studied philosophy at KU Leuven (cum laude) and as an exchange student at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (summa cum laude). His writings has appeared in The European Conservative, The American Spectator, Front Porch Republic and The Mallard UK and other publications.

Recent Essays

No Good without Evil: G.W. Leibniz’s Reconciliation of Animal Suffering with God

A robin or chicken that seems to die in a totally senseless way is viewed by humans only in its individuality, without seeing the universal order underlying this suffering.

Conservatism as a Solution to Homelessness

Economists and politicians will accuse me of using a sentimental argument rather than a scientific one. And to some extent my argument should be read in that capacity. However, what makes the point legitimate is that it shows that moral intuitions fade in modern, gigantic “communities."