Shawn Floyd

Shawn Floyd
Shawn Floyd is a displaced Texan living in Northeast Ohio with his wife and three sons. He holds degrees in philosophy from Baylor University (B.A. and M.A.) and Saint Louis University (Ph.D.). His work has been published in various philosophical and ethics journals such as the Journal of the History of Philosophy, The Heythrop Journal, Journal of Religious Ethics, Christian Scholars Review, Philosophia Christi, Studies in Christian Ethics, the Healthcare Ethics Forum, and elsewhere. Currently, he is professor of philosophy at Malone University. His research and teaching interests include Aristotle, the Stoics, Thomas Aquinas, Dante, and Nietzsche. He'll occasionally return to Texas in order to renew his accent.

Recent Essays

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The virtue of hospitality has enjoyed something of a minor renaissance. Over the last few decades, theologians and ethicists have sought to make a...