Zephram Foster

Zephram Foster
Zephram Foster is a writer, musician, and songwriter from Tahlequah, Oklahoma. He works in higher education, and in youth ministry in a Reformed Baptist Church. He has been published at American Reformer, Ad Fontes, and the Theopolis Institute, and his various outlets can be found at www.zeffoster.com.

Recent Essays

The Ron Paul Effect

What I failed to realize was that the conservatism I was shifting away from was not a historical conservatism at all—rather, it was a distinctly 2000s neoconservatism that I had assumed was the only flavor.

The Foothills of the Ozarks

Unlike many I grew up with, I’m proud to be an Oklahoman. I’m proud to have a family heritage that is tied to a place and has roots in a community. I’m proud of a community, however flawed, that has an identity and a passion for keeping itself as honest and pure as possible.