On Front Porch Republic’s first Anniversary, Patrick Deneen remarked that virtual friendships and discussion via the “comment” function can’t compare to in-the-flesh conversation and camaraderie. The solution, he wrote, would look something like real front porches.

In order to facilitate face-to-face conversations about place, limits, and liberty, we’ve launched the “Porches.” If you are interested in transposing these internet discussions into real-time conversations, provide us with your name and location and we’ll help connect you with readers who live near you. Equipped with a list of other FPR readers in your part of the country, you can then arrange gatherings as you see fit.

To participate in these “Porches,” please e-mail Jeff Polet at polet@hope.edu with you name and your location.



  • Alaska: Anchorage
  • California: San Diego and Santa Cruz and San Francisco Bay Area
  • Canada: British Columbia/Vancouver
  • Colorado: Denver
  • Connecticut: New Haven
  • District of Columbia & Northern Virginia
  • Florida: Orlando
  • Georgia: Atlanta and Savannah and St. Simons Island
  • Illinois: Evanston and Chicago
  • Indiana: South Bend/Notre Dame University area and Indianapolis/Lafayette area and Southeast region (For SE Region, e-mail seth.c.elder@gmail.com.)
  • Kansas: Overland Park
  • Louisiana: Baton Rouge
  • Massachusetts: Boston/Cambridge/Belmont
  • Michigan: Ann Arbor and Kingsford and Plymouth and Saginaw
  • Minnesota: St. Paul
  • Missouri: St. Louis
  • Nebraska: Omaha and Lincoln
  • New York: Brooklyn
  • North Carolina: Chapel Hill/Durham area
  • Ohio: Wooster and Cincinnati/Columbus/Dayton
  • Oklahoma: Norman/University of Oklahoma area
  • Oregon: Arlington and Portland
  • Pennsylvania: Philadelphia and Pittsburgh
  • South Carolina: Charleston
  • Texas: La Joya and Dallas and Houston
  • Tennessee: Memphis (E-mail wellerste@gmail.com.)
  • Utah: Provo
  • Virginia: Bristow and Charlottesville
  • Washington: Eastern Area and Seattle and Northern Washington
  • Wisconsin: Arkansaw and Green Bay and Madison and Milwaukee and Waupun

If you don’t see your area listed, please e-mail us anyways. New Porches can be formed at any time! Also, check back regularly to check for new posts and updated contact information.

If you are interested in helping organize a Porch in your area, please let us know.

Finally, please understand that all we can do is connect you with other readers from your area. The FPR staff and editors cannot set up local porches or organize your meetings. We leave this to your creativity and hospitality.

Page last updated 05-24-13