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Surely Booth

Tarkington, that is. America Moved, edited by our very own Jeremy Beer, receives an exceptionally fine review in the University Bookman by their fellow...

The Gentlemen from Indiana

Booth Tarkington and Jeremy Beer, that is. From The American Conservative. And what the hell, here's R. Dean Taylor (a Canadian) too.

Booth Tarkington after the Great War, ‘That Disquieted and Questioning Time’

In this excerpt from America Moved: Booth Tarkington’s Memoirs of Time and Place, 1869–1928, Tarkington reflects on the changes he observed in America following...

The Booth Tarkington Appreciation Society

Hillsdale, MI. I propose the creation of TBTAS, “The Booth Tarkington Appreciation Society.”  If we take the liberties some have with the Tetragrammaton (Y*H*W*H)...