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Amish Imagination

The truth is, the Amish have had to adapt and innovate and negotiate the changing world. The truth is, the Amish are a people of imagination. Perhaps not “imagination” as popularly conceived but imagination nevertheless.

Grail and Anti-Grail Quests

"After all, if you are too small to do anything, what need is there to stir!”

The Man Who Saw the Bear

What Sanders offers might be called the imagination of hope—a means of acting to stem disaster.

Time and Place in Eugene Vodolazkin’s Imagination

We occupants of the Porch can profitably read Vodolazkin in light of our own concern to acknowledge human limitations and find ways to live well and more fully in our own communities.

Avoiding “A World Without Women,” or Porches

A common and often valid critique of many families in the homeschooling movement is that, because of a lingering obsession on, and invisible competition...

Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris and the Problem of Bigness

In The Everlasting Man, a masterpiece of Christian apologetics, G. K. Chesterton opens Chapter 1 with something of a mocking hat tip to the...

Causes and Lessons of the Current Economic Crisis

ERIE, PA. As a new contributor to the Front Porch Republic, I would like to thank Mark Mitchell for his invitation to participate in...