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Poetry and the Common Language

This piece was originally posted at the University Bookman. Check out their site for other similar articles! --- If there is one principle which is nearly...

The Song of Taillefer

Somerset, NJ. Legend has it that on the field of Hastings, as the forces of the Conqueror ascended a hill to engage the exhausted...

Cowboy Poetry

An actual cowboy's life was a far cry from a John Wayne Western.

The Bar Jester’s Unpremeditated Verse

But as a profound poet trying to make a comfortable living I can’t really trouble myself about that fit audience though few. . . . Were I to start thinking about poetry in the social context, I’d be sliding down that slippery slope toward place, limits, and liberty. And then what? Localism? God help us!

A Prayer for Livia Grace

Devon, PA.  This week marks my daughter's third birthday.  As a way of tossing a little Front Porch confetti her way, I reprint here ...

The Speech of Work and the Work of Speech

Devon, PA.  Outside of certain, very particular, Christian circles, one seldom hears much about man's fallen nature anymore; and yet, as G.K. Chesterton once...