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Common Good Politics: A Review of Nader’s Book

In his new book, Ralph Nader argues that the Left and the Right should unite against the economic and political establishment in the Center.

Post-Iowa Advice for the Paul Campaign

Ron Paul didn't win Iowa but he did well. What should he do now?

Rocky and the New Populism

Today we can easily forget how dark things looked in the 1970s and how much people feared that they might be living in the sunset years of our nation and its characteristic way of life. We forget how important patriotism and a belief in the goodness of the nation were to the health of the republic.

Class and Clerisy

Some ruling classes in history, more than others, deserve pitchforks.

Porch Banter

Michael Gerson's column this morning seems a likely candidate to spur some friendly discussion on the Porch.

Mobilizing on the Left: Progressivism, Populism, and the Language of Political...

Progressives must re-learn to advocate for community self-determination, and work to link political activity on this level to national politics.

Few v. Many: The Topsy-Turvy World of Judicial Demographics

There are many reasons to wonder about the wisdom of confirming Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court. What strikes me most about her nomination is the typically phony way Washington and the mainstream media are packaging the event.

A Connecticut Yankee in King Cotton’s Court

Ralph Nader recently spoke at a university in the Heart of Dixie. We tried to build some bridges.

Rogue Remnants: Sarah Palin continued

Here are some portions of my analysis of Sarah Palin and populism that are not included in my book review essay that appears in The American Conservative.

Independent Populists?

Michael Lind over at Salon suggests a disparity between populism and the "liberal left." Given Sarah Plain's new book, in which she continues to...