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Ray of Light

Ray Bradbury may be at peace, but I doubt he's resting. Herewith an old essay of mine on the boy from Waukegan as a Midwestern regionalist.

Ray Bradbury Turns 90

Raise a glass of dandelion wine to the dreamy kid from Waukegan, Illinois, who today becomes a nonagenarian. Herewith my appreciation of Bradbury from...

Ray Bradbury of Illinois

BURNED-OVER DISTRICT, NY---"Here comes the summer!" as the Undertones rejoiced. The Muckdogs' home opener is next Friday, and two days later the sun makes the...

We’re Only Making Plans for Nigel

ITEM: President Obama Calls for Longer School Day, Public Education for Toddlers, & the Abolition of Summer Vacation RESPONSE: The fire captain in Ray Bradbury’s...