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I have spent considerable time in ravines, drawn to them by an appetite for domestic exploration: though they worry me, I have also been drawn to them; I traverse the ravines to find the spirit of my place.

The Night of Susurrant Voices

God didn't put twelve months on the calendar so we could work them all.

Ray of Light

Ray Bradbury may be at peace, but I doubt he's resting. Herewith an old essay of mine on the boy from Waukegan as a Midwestern regionalist.

Ray Bradbury Turns 90

Raise a glass of dandelion wine to the dreamy kid from Waukegan, Illinois, who today becomes a nonagenarian. Herewith my appreciation of Bradbury from...

Ray Bradbury of Illinois

BURNED-OVER DISTRICT, NY---"Here comes the summer!" as the Undertones rejoiced. The Muckdogs' home opener is next Friday, and two days later the sun makes the...

We’re Only Making Plans for Nigel

ITEM: President Obama Calls for Longer School Day, Public Education for Toddlers, & the Abolition of Summer Vacation RESPONSE: The fire captain in Ray Bradbury’s...