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Tourism as Urban Savior?

Regardless of what one’s opinion might be regarding the HOF Festival, one thing that virtually no local wants is more of it. So, naturally that is exactly what the city plans on doing.

Toward a Somewhere Suburb

In his 2017 book The Road to Somewhere: The Populist Revolt and the Future of Politics, British commentator David Goodhart seeks to understand the recent...

Praying in the Streets: Ritual as an Urban Design Problem

"he city as World icon is being destroyed, not by being secularized (it was always secular at base with some sacral potencies shooting through...

Meritocracy, Urban Design, and Culture: Observations from a Friend

PHOENIX, ARIZONA. (Note: this post has two pages, thanks to webmaster Lundy's new-and-improved FPR technology.) I am gratified by the many responses, here and...