And good for Pa. State Rep. Samuel Rohrer, about whom I know nothing. Nor do I know why such a rally for states’ rights came into being. Paul doesn’t provide any details, really. But it’s hard to be anything but supportive of and enthusiastic about such an event. I’d be happy to be enlightened about its provenance by anyone less lazy than me in looking up the details.


  1. Sam Rohrer is a Republican from Berks Co., Penna. and the man to the right and behind the speaker in the picture. He’s sponsored a resolution in the PA House for the federal government to cease and desist from exercising powers not specifically given it by the federal Constitution ( The slogan is “Defined Powers – the way our Founding Fathers intended.”

  2. They shouldn’t call it “states rights” though. They should call it “localization.” There are many who think of themselves as being on the left who claim to be in favor of localization, but I doubt they’d be interested in states rights (even if it amounts to the same thing).

  3. I don’t believe they have to call it anything other than its original name, a Republic as manifested in a Constitution of the United States of America. The only fitting reply to the Congressional Record these days is a citation referencing the salient rebuke in the Declaration of Independence. Unfortunately, when 52% of the budget (and rising) is in the diminishing returns of “Defense” (a quaint term of art), Debt Service and Medicare-Medicaid, States Rights would appear to be a tad beside the point. Take a look at the accelerating upward curve , since 2007 of the graph illustrating Debt as a percentage of GDP and then still any vertigo with the libation of your choice before pondering what might be left of the local scene after the Ottomans on the Potomac have had their way with us.

    The “Left” and “Right” have been punching the public in the nose for so long, they think a broken nose is something to aspire to if only it can be done without moving from one’s seat. Why anyone in this “Post-Compassionate Conservative” era of “Change” would still cling to the current labels of “Left” or “Right” surprises even me and I’m so jaded and cynical, I don’t trust smiling children.

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