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  1. Was that Nosferatu sitting in the Swell’s seats or was it the former mayor and his political consultancy seats? At the very least, they might have the good sense to fill the empties with some orphans but that might interrupt the feeling of exclusiveness for the few seat holders who come to wallow about in public as the modern Satraps of Debt.

    There are more pauperish seats…if one can call $75 “cheap seats” but with $350 Van Morrison Concerts these days, perhaps they are. The new Stadium is swell, a fine place to watch a ball game even with long legs but it don’t have the much mo betta grittier quality of the new Shea…TARP Field, home of the hapless….ehh, I mean hopeless.

    Still, in the “cheap seats”…one cannot spend a better 3-4 hours or so.

  2. I don’t need another reason to hate the Yankees but I’m always glad to have one.

    And I don’t quite know how to read the lines on the palm here, but the collapse of air travel as we know it, which can’t be far off, is one of the things that’s going to change the nature sports in this country.

    Another thing is boredom. Time was I could actually pay attention to the NBA once the finals came round–this after a childhood addiction to pro basketball. Now I can’t even muster the interest to read about it over coffee.

    Good riddance to it.

  3. Excuse me while I go outside for a few minutes and throwup…

    OK, there, that’s better.

    As if anyone of us needed more reasons to hate the Yankees, and the Gilded Class. My boy and I usually sit in the $8 cheap seats in the vacumm bag Metrodome to watch our Twins. Trust me, looking around the cheap seats it isn’t exactly poor there either. But c’mon, this isn’t about baseball or sports. It is about decadence.

    I never used to romanticize the French Revolution, but reading stuff like this is making me sympathize with the reign of terror. God help us but the coming class war is not going to be pretty.

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