Foreign Beer at the White House?!

By James Matthew Wilson for FRONT PORCH REPUBLIC

Devon, PA.  The Wall Street Journal reports one angle on what I just knew would become a controversy.  If it were the New York Times reporting, one could safely expect the article would be an adoring contemplation of what beer we should all drink now that we’ve heard the pallette preference of the President.

Ignoring the many other amusing thoughts that froth up from this story, I would just like to observe how racist and classist it is of our President to invite a white Boston cop over for a beer.  Why?!  Because he’s a blue collar in Cambridge, rather than a white collar meritocrat?  Is our President so blinded by bigotry that he cannot understand police officers are capable of taking pleasure in the same deracinated delectations as the Starbucks and Soy chomping, Thai basil sniffing, California roll chop-sticking, rissotto-insty-pack boiling,  advanced-degree holders of our technocracy?

Now, had old George W. Bush made the invitation, we’d know it was sincere.  He once asked reporters gathered outside his Crawford ranch if they’d be more comfortable back in air conditioning, savouring their “brie and cheese.”  Pleonasms are the soul of authenticity.

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