Lookin’ Out My Back Door; Or Sounds From Boo Radley’s Porch


BURNED-OVER DISTRICT, NY—Caleb has proposed this beautiful rendition of “Our Town” by Iris DeMent as the Front Porch theme song.

(Anyone not moved by it is either dead or, worse, deracinated.) Herewith a few more tunes I would happily play on my porch, annoying family and neighbors with my wretchedly off-key croaking chorus. Though these carry YouTube links, I vouch only for the quality of the songs, not their visual accompaniment. I regret that I was unable to find an internet version of the Maine singer David Mallett’s “Livin’ on the Edge,” which is the perfect companion to DeMent’s “Our Town.” Nor could I find Tom Russell’s “The Ballad of Edward Abbey,” which is like “God Bless America” or “God Bless the U.S.A.” but written by and about a patriot.

Ya can’t please everyone, as Ricky Nelson learned.  Peters will complain that I neglected Air Supply; Beer will ask where is Indiana? (Here it is, courtesy of R. Dean Taylor).

Please suggest your own tunes for the FPR Top 40. Songs by local and regional bands especially encouraged.

The Kinks: Village Green Preservation Society

The Kinks: Muswell Hillbilly

Steve Earle: The Mountain

Joe South: Don’t it Make You Want to Go Home?

Bruce Springsteen: Long Walk Home

Cowboy Junkies: Anniversary Song

John Mellencamp: Rain on the Scarecrow

Exene Cervenka: Will Jesus Wash the Bloodstains from Your Hands?

Graham Parker: You Can’t Be Too Strong

Gram Parsons: Return of the Grievous Angel

Show of Hands: Roots

Lynyrd Skynrd: All I Can Do is Write About It

Glen Campbell: Galveston

The Long Ryders: State of My Union

The Pretenders: My City was Gone

Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul: I am a Patriot

Dwight Yoakam: I Sang Dixie

Gerry and the Pacemakers: Ferry ‘Cross the Mersey

The Clash: Complete Control

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