This fellow has some nice things to say about what we’ve been up to here on the porch. So let me return the favor and thank him, first, for noticing, and second, for his sense that something is afoot, or at least damned well ought to be.


  1. Aside from enjoying some complimentary words about Deneen and Ms. Dalton, if you hurry, you can enjoy another posting on this site which is a YouTube Video of the Teutonic Metal-Head Band named Rammstein from the land of the Merry Tedesco, torchlight led chants , debauched stadium screamers and all. I don’t know why but things like this make my day…… but I have a bad attitude.

    One wonders exactly why the Romans ever overturned this rock on the opposite shore of the Rhine. They do know how to throw a good old fashioned stadium spectacle though.

    To the sites great credit, their posting of the pop gothic berserkers had more than a tinge of farce. In the comments on our little porchy cosa nostra here, a few of the posters were irritated that the libruls do not embrace agro-localism even though they think arugula divine.

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