Turn the Other Cheeks


Rod Dreher says Pelosi is right to fret about political violence.  He argues that it is evil to “lead people to believe [Obama is] a socialist conspiring to install an oligar(c)hy to rule America,” among other such accusations, and concludes: “it’s maddening to sit here and watch this happening, to feel that the country is being taken by these people and their fat, foul mouths to a terrible place, and to feel powerless to stop it.”

Paging Bob Cheeks.

I consider Rod a good friend, but I think his perspective is out of whack on this one.  I thought it was conventional wisdom long before Obama that we are a socialist oligarchy.  What do people think Corporate State Capitalism is?  And just to be clear, Obama is making it worse, and he is bankrupting the country.  In this, he follows a fine tradition of American presidents. 

And some people are getting pissed.  Well and good I say.  And I certainly wouldn’t deprive them of their anger by scolding them for failing to comply with some journalistic or country club standard of niceness.

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