FPR in the Weekly Standard:

Getting Under JPod’s Skin


  1. You have to admit, when Poddy gets his sock suspenders and spats in a twist, the invective gets scenic. “Ho Chi Minh Fever Dream” and “threnody for the Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy”…..swell work here. I’d thought that this extravaganza had been shuffled aside by now as the public prepares for another Hollywood defamation of the Neo-Conservatives through the eyes of Tim Burton and his 3D “Alice”.

    But Poddy must still be steaming over all that Anglo Saxon hardware crushed by Purple Feline Humanoids, Yoga and Pterodactyl Pilots. After all, scanning over to the image of the current front cover of the Weekly Standard, we are treated to a photograph of one of our Drones and the words:

    “Drone Wars, Targeted Killings are Effective . They’re Also Legal. Why Won’t the Obama Administration Say So?”

    What good is authoritarianism unless the authorities can crow about it? Shame on you Caleb and your Blut und Boden Elitism.

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