The Ruling Class malady


I’ve come across an interesting summary of the U.S. ruling class via  It’s written by Angelo Codevilla of Boston University.  Despite being lengthy, it doesn’t include every relevant aspect of the subject, and I disagree with an occasional detail and interpretation, but Professor Codevilla does an excellent job of laying out what an LRC poster calls “the sneering arrogance of the ruling class.”

The technocratic mindset, the elitism, the smugness, the love of power, the educational insularity, the atheism and simultaneous credulity, the progressivism and accompanying intolerance, the bipartisanship—it’s all there.  Even well-meaning liberals conditioned to trust the federal government and to fear disgruntled average Americans might benefit from reading this overview.

He makes some wise recommendations regarding what a Country Party ought to do, and not do, if it were to acquire power, but he does not explain how such power might be acquired.  Given the obstacles of organized wealth, the mainstream media, political party cooptation, a successful divide-and-conquer strategy (or conflict displacement, as E.E. Schattschneider called it), and a bread-and-circuses propensity on the part of those who should be natural opponents of the ruling class, it’s difficult to see how we move from Here to There.  Beyond living our lives as best we can, and remembering Revelation 22:20, what can we do?

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