Thanks to Jason Peters, aka The Bar Jester

By Mark T. Mitchell for FRONT PORCH REPUBLIC

Since FPR’s inception in March of 2009, Jason Peters has written a weekly column. Without missing a single week, he has, with his inimitable style, regaled FPR readers with his ruminations on food, sex, culture, community, energy, idiocy, technology, mobility, peak oil, religion, and education. He has challenged us to think more clearly about the way we live, about our need to acknowledge limits, and the sheer goodness of taking a walk. He has explicated significant texts, mocked undergraduate males, and even taken a turn at writing fiction. And who can forget the jokes?

So, next Wednesday, make yourself and your loved ones something good to eat, then sit back with a beer, a martini, or whatever suits your fancy, light a cigar, and re-read some of Jason’s many essays. Then raise a glass to the Bar Jester. He’s taking a much deserved break.

Thanks Jason. FPR wouldn’t be the same without your distinctive voice.

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