What Women Voters Want: Addendum


Kate has captured nicely a kind of sexual nihilism regnant in contemporary feminism. It has now become campaign fodder:

Obama Ad

Were this my daughter I would be mortified. This is bad at so many levels, but one of them surely is how it posits the relationship between voters and the President. More and more we see ads and articles depicting the President as a parent, as a lover, as a friend, but seldom as a President with limited Constitutional powers. The lonelier and more narcissistic we become, the more we project onto these offices psychological demands they are not designed to handle. It’s all so addled. I’d call it unPresidential, but I have no expectations any longer, particularly from a man who has claimed that the highest good he can provide his daughters is the unrestricted ability to kill off his grandchildren.

The mark of a truly desperate situation is that the people in it don’t realize how desperate it is, which is surely part of Kate’s point. For women emancipation has led to disconnection. They’ve become “loose individuals” in the truest sense. Apropos of that, read this article from the NYTimes:


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