Rifles Get Bad Rap. Fists and Knives are the Problem

By Mark T. Mitchell for FRONT PORCH REPUBLIC

Here’s the FBI’s Crime Statistics for 2011. In every state, more people were killed with hands, fists, and feet than with rifles. More were killed with knives than with rifles. In other words, rifles (hunting rifles and assault rifles are not differentiated) accounted for very few murders. But apparently because some rifles look scary, politicians have chosen to go after them even though they are not the problem. More murders could be stopped if knives were banned.  We clearly need a NKA to defend against this likely event. But be forewarned:  they can pry my steak knife from my cold dead hands.

Handguns are the issue, but a couple pieces of information do not appear here. First, what percentage of murders committed using handguns were committed by people who obtained those weapons legally? I’m guessing that the gang-banger with a Tech-9 didn’t obtain that weapon in a conventional manner, but that is mere conjecture. Second, how many murders committed with handguns involved high capacity magazines? Again, I’m guessing very few.

An intelligent discussion on this matter does not appear likely. That means that intelligent solutions will continue to elude us.

h/t Ron Laurenzo

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